's domain management interface allows you to categorize domains, sort into folders, filter by expiration date, filter by DNS servers, and more.'s site builder allows users to build revenue generating sites like keyword rich contextual ad sites, eBay® product sites, real estate listing sites, job listing sites, and local business directory sites. stats help users determine which sites are receiving the most traffic and which need help. Stats include human visits, robot/spider visits, referring sites, and sub-page stats. is built on a proprietary platform that enables us to customize your user account to meet your needs. Users can customize our Prebuilt site templates to make each site their own, or Prebuilt can build custom sites or templates for our users.
Welcome to PreBuilt.comLatest News is a free tool to help users manage domains and create revenue generating websites from them.

As traditional PPC and Parking revenues continue to diminish, domain name investors are looking for additional ways to help increase the value of their domains.'s management and stats tools, along with our instant site generation engine and customization options, help domainers increase value...all for FREE. adds domain name redirect feature
04-13-2011 is happy to announce that it has completed a much-requested feature: managed domain red...
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Prebuilt Pricing
While building out the system, one question has frequently been asked: we're making thi...
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