About Prebuilt.com

Prebuilt.com is built and run by domainers, for domainers

After seeing years of declining PPC and Parking revenues, Prebuilt.com was begun as a project in 2007 to manage and increase the revenues for the 12,000+ domain name portfolio of domain name investment and parent company iEstates, LLC. In 2009, iEstates made the decision to share Prebuilt with the world.

Prebuilt.com is free. However, there are a few upgrade options available to users, including upgraded templates, upgraded domain capacity, custom tools, custom templates, and promotional services.
Prebuilt.com is also a marketplace. Domain buyers can find great domains and see Prebuilt.com verified stats. Sellers can find buyers who are interested in owning great domains.

Prebuilt.com user accounts are only available by referral from an existing member at this time. However, if you are a professional domainer, please contact us and request an account.