What is

PreBuilt is a tool that organizes and monetizes domain portfolios of any size. Users simply add domains to their portfolio, assign keywords and templates, and PreBuilt does the rest.

What makes PreBuilt different from parking companies?

Parking companies do not offer the monetization and management solutions that PreBuilt does. It's easy to organize hundreds or even thousands of domains with PreBuilt's easy to use interface.

Are there any requirements to join PreBuilt?

No, anyone can join and start setting up domains right away. Please be aware that any fraudulent activity may result in your account being banned.

How much does PreBuilt cost?

PreBuilt is free to join. To use PreBuilt's premium templates, however, you must buy credits.

How do I get credits?

Credits can be bought in the "User Account" tab or earned through selling ads.

Will my domain appear in organic search engine results?

Yes, with enough time and configuration, your website will show up in Google, Yahoo, and all other major search engines.

How do I add my domains to PreBuilt?

Point your DNS servers to and and add domains in the "domains" tab

Do I need to know HTML?

No, PreBuilt will set up your site based on the template and keywords you choose.

How do I get paid?

You can cash out your credits into a Paypal account, or link up your existing Adsense and Ebay Affliate ID's.

How does PreBuilt make money?

PreBuilt sells preconfigured templates and shares the revenue from certain ad sales.

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