Features is a feature rich domain name management and site builder tool. Here are just some of the features offers:

Custom Folders
Stats by time period
Show most visited domains
Show which pages were visited
Filter by human versus bot/spider visits
Show referring sites and top referrers
Keyword search
Sort and Filter by Template
Sort and Filter by Expiration Date
Expiration date automatically pulled from WHOIS
Sort and Filter by DNS Server
DNS server automatically pulled from WHOIS
Build Dynamic Keyword Rich Sites
See domains that are using Prebuilt templates
Configure sites with your own ad code
Add your own analytics and tracking code
Add Pop-up Ad Code
Create global ad code defaults
Create global pop-up defaults
Automatic keyword generation
Automatic Geo Domain name generation
Create Primary and Secondary Keywords
Show keyword related Videos and Images
Customize the look and feel of your site
Add eBay® products to your site
Add Google Paid Search to your site
Templates have their own RSS Feeds
Cross Promote your domains
Add your domain to our promotional network
Bookmark, Email, Digg, and Facebook Links
See site WHOIS
Receive Paypal payments from upgraded templates
Participate in Domain marketplace
Templates inclue Meta Title, Meta Tags, and Meta Description
Pull News, Jobs, Products, and Blogs from RSS feeds