adds referral program Apr. 6, 2010 is pleased to announce that it has completed the implementation of the credit referral program for all members.

All users now have a unique referral URL that can be promoted to earn credits, which can be used to purchase paid services or can be disbursed as cash. 

The referral system was initially built with affiliated service providers in mind.  Web hosting and email providers, domain name registrars and resellers, and other web services providers are ideal referral program candidates, but with the new implementation in place, now all users can earn credits and cash by referring others to

For more details, visit your account and view the User Account tab.

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09-15-2010 adds referral program

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Archived News adds domain name redirect feature

Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2011 is happy to announce that it has completed a much-requested feature: managed domain redirection.

With's new redirection option, domain owners can point their domain names to and then manage where the domain name is redirected. view full article

Prebuilt Pricing

Wednesday, Sep. 15, 2010

While building out the system, one question has frequently been asked: we're making this really incredible software for domainers to use to help them manage and monetize their domain names, but how is going to make any money?  

In an ideal world, we'd love to be able to offer ALL our services for free.  Really, we enjoy using the software ourselves, but really get excited when other people are able to utilize what we've built to benefit them.   That said, we've tried to add as much functionality as possible to the free accounts and are only charging for premium services.

So, to clarify, here is the summary of the features you receive for free:

    * Domain name management: sorted folders, DNS-based filters, expiration date filters, purchase/asking price, and more
    * Use of a plethora of Keyword-based standard templates: place your own ad code, news, etc.
    * Use of paid advertising and sponsorship options: site sponsorship, leasing, and straight redirect

And here are the premium (paid) features:

    * Use of premium templates: business directories, lead generation templates, more...
    * Domain marketplace promotion (coming soon)
    * Custom content (coming soon)

Because every domainer has specific needs, we didn't want to compartmentalize our package offering.  Instead, we decided to let each user create his or her own package based on the names they currently have active in the system. Custom Package Selection

Users can slide the scale to accommodate their needs.  Again, credits can be purchased or earned through selling direct advertisements through our system.  You can withdraw credits for cash at any time.

We sincerely hope this format helps domainers get the most out of, but we're always open to suggestions, so please keep them coming!

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Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010

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Their take on our service:

"PreBuilt is a new site that allows both domain name investors and web entrepreneurs to manage domain portfolios. The basic aim of the site is to empower said individuals to create revenue generating sites at no cost whatsoever. Both the ones with small and large portfolios could benefit from such a system, and the provided interface makes for the easy (and direct) categorization of domains view full article